Since arriving in Australia, have you ever felt lost, scared or confused? Yes?

Has a lack of communication, knowledge and difficulty with the English language made it hard for you to understand the Australian system and way of life? Yes?

Then you need ACIAS! Join the ACIAS community by becoming a member.

We are a new Australian life coach centre here to help you join into the Australian way of life.

Acias currently offer 3 different seminars that are detailed in all aspects of Australian life and day to day living. Covering topics such as transportation, working in Australia, school life, social life, our medical system, government through to home life and home maintenance and much, much more!

Our seminars will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to enjoy life in Australia and join in with other Australians to celebrate Australian customs and traditions. Let's all share this wonderful country of ours together by helping to break down the walls of racial diversity.

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We’re Here to Help

ACIAS is an Australian owned company with a passion for helping others. We understand that immigrating to a new country is a difficult, and at times, emotional process. Leaving behind all that you know and have grown up with can be a daunting task.

We support Chinese people to integrate into Australian society and feel at home in their new country. ACIAS are dedicated to showing you the world-renowned Australian way of life. Our informative seminars aim to educate you about Australia and its famous traditions including picnics, barbeques, family days and children’s parties, so the next time your neighbour invites you over for a ‘snag’ you’ll know exactly what they are talking about!

When you subscribe to ACIAS, you’re not just joining a company. You’re entering into a family-owned business who are committed to creating happiness, and a supportive network of friends and services who can assist you with your day-to-day living.

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What We Do

Moving to a new country and trying to understand its way of life is challenging. ACIAS seeks to make this process easier by supporting Chinese people to migrate with ease. We offer yearly memberships that include discounted rates to seminars, monthly newsletters, monthly draw giveaways, continual personalised email support in English and Chinese, and access to our regular community activities.  

ACIAS has developed informative seminars that are based around Australian life. We offer modules that will assist with your integration into society on topics such as Home Maintenance, Schooling, Family and The Australian Way of Life. Our interactive sessions will inform you with engaging presenters, question and answer time as well as a take home pack full of interesting material. All seminars are discounted for members and non-members are welcome to attend at the regular price.

Our focus is on you and your happiness. Australia is a vast, innovative country with a variety of resources available to you. Let ACIAS support your transition into this homely paradise.

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Finally! A really good concept and very helpfull.  Looking forward to the next Seminar!  Thank you.

Charlie Zhang


Great honest Australians offering a much needed service. Thank you!

Zhang Wei

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Your New Way of Life

Are you ready for a change? Join the ACIAS community and start living the Australian dream.

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