Pingping Xie, Lance and Naomi Garrett


ACIAS is an Australian owned and based company that is revolutionising the transition process for Chinese people. In recent years, Australia has seen a steady incline of immigration of individuals from China. Migration is a daunting process and, all too often we heard of people making the journey back home because they found it difficult to integrate into Australian life. The easiest of everyday tasks became impossible due to the language barrier and, how and where to access services was never made clear.

ACIAS is the brainchild of Naomi and Lance Garrett, Pingping Xie and Danielle Burgess who together, saw the need for a service that would assist Chinese people integrating into Australia and enjoying their new lives wholeheartedly.

We are a one-of-a-kind company who will support you with seminars and services that can help with day-to-day living. Our Directory lists recommended companies who can assist you with cleaning, maintenance, all the way through to transportation options.

So come on and ‘Jump into Aussie Life” with us!